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Classroom Jobs That Make Life Easier

Students love to help and have classroom jobs and I love the help!! Substitute teachers remark that my classroom practically runs itself. The kids love the responsibility and I appreciate their contribution. This job isn't listed but I had a job this year for a student being in charge of finding my cell phone when I misplaced it. He was amazing and it was such a help! I kept him busy. Many of these jobs were for a variety of grade levels. I have used them with 5th and 6th graders.

What are some of your favorite or unique classroom jobs?

Here are Some of My Favorite Class Jobs:

2 Paper Helpers: Passing out and collecting papers

Dot: This student manages our Alexa. We use the Alexa to set a timer or play music like Piano Guys on Pandora.

Phone: Answer the phone, "Mrs. Priest's class, student speaking"

Door: Holds the door open as students enter and gives a squeeze of hand sanitizer

Recorder: Orders papers in number order- students put their first and last name and class number on their work

Attendance: This student takes attendance and lets me know who is absent

Lunch Count: This student has students stand for lunch count and lets me know the number

Pledge of Allegiance: This student stands and leads The Pledge (ours is on the morning announcements so this student just stands up front)

Pencils: Makes sure pencil sharpener is emptied

Substitute: When a student who has a job is absent, the substitute fills in and does the job

Messenger: This student delivers things to the office or other teachers as needed

White Board: Erases the white board

Date: At the end of the school day, this student writes the date for the next day on the white board

Library: Collects and returns books to the library before we visit

Absent Work Manager: Collects work for absent students (I haven't done this job before but I'd like to.)

Desk Spraying: Sprays cleaner on desks at the end of the day

Photographer: I like to post pictures to Class Dojo so I have a student who I trust to use my phone to take pictures when we are doing an activity.

Technology: Makes sure computers are put in the cart, plugged in, and locked

Game Host: Leads games- For example says, "Heads down, thumbs up" for Heads Up 7 Up or chooses the game theme for Blookets or music for Kahoots

Wonder Wall: We have a poster with a 6 x 6 grid. Letters spelling "Wonder" are across the top and numbers 1-6 are along the side (see the picture at the top) Students write their name one of the boxes on the poster when they do something that is "wonderful" (a score, a kind action, etc.)  The Wonder Wall helper rolls dice that finds the Wonder Wall winner. The winner gets a prize from the prize box ($1 store items.)

Sharpie Check Out: When we use Sharpies, this student checks them out to others and then makes sure they are returned.

2 Exercise PE Leaders: Students get a lanyard with a list of exercises and lead the class through the exercises outside. The list might have: 

  • lean your head toward your right shoulder for a count of 10 and then to your left shoulder
  • 10 forward arm circles and then backward arm circles
  • 10 shoulder rolls forward and 10 backward
  • flamingo on each leg for a count of 10
  • 20 sit ups
  • 10 push ups
  • run 2 laps

Sink: Keep the sink area clean

Sweeping: I had brooms and students would sweep at the end of the day. I will have carpet this next year so I'm not sure how I'll do this. Maybe we'll sweep the carpet or get a vacuum donated.

As jobs come up, add them.

Do you have any other jobs to add? I love new ideas!

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