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Endangered Animal Infographic Project

 Have you ever wanted to have your students create an infographic but not know where to start? I felt the same way and so I did some research and created my own drag and drop template for an endangered animal infographic project.

Students research infographics and see how infographics share information and are attention grabbers.

endangered animal project

Here is a great site for students to see animal infographics: Click Here

Students then do research on the animal they have chosen and fill out the graphic organizer. We have found that WWF and the San Diego Zoo are great resources for students.

There is also a Youtube video to show students how to create the infographic. Icons from the Noun Project are shown as additional graphics. Students can use the drag and drop elements, photos from the web, and other graphics. 

An example of a completed infographic is included as well as a rubric.

In addition to the endangered animal infographic, teachers have the option to have students write a four paragraph report on their animal. An example report is included.

Sentences frames are included along with a rubric for the written report and an oral presentation.

This project is great for in class or distance learning. Students are able to create an infographic and a written report. I am having students read their reports on SeeSaw for their oral presentations. This is an exciting way for students to share what they have learned. I love conservation education and sharing my passion for these important topics.

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